Willing to do something and doing it are two different things but are inter-related.One can not happen without other.Willingness is important to do something.But just willingness is not sufficient. Perhaps doing is more important then willingness to do.I often wants to blog but my postings are proof of my inaction.I often wonder what could be the reasons? Perhaps many.

 Many times we want to do work perfectly. This perfection too leads to inaction or delays.I think it is true in my case.What is perfection? Perfect way of doing a work !  Is it really so?  OK then what is perfect way of doing a job? Is there a universal solution? I am sure somebody else might do the same job better then me and in a better manner.It means perfection is also  relative . It is not absolute. Should we not do the work in the best possible manner with the available resources & constraints without waiting to achieve perfection? Will it not avoid delays? Swift thoughtful action is more important then perfection although willingness to do is  prerequisite for any action. Just a random thought.


unsafe structures

I don’t have any authentic figures on unsafe structures in Delhi or in India. But I know for sure majority of the structures standing at present are not safe. What is meaning of safety? Is it a relative term?  Safe by what standards. Can a structure standing and in service for the last 20 years be termed as unsafe?  If we desire we can debate on this issue for hours without any conclusion.  In engineering terminology a structure can be termed as safe if it meets the requirements of National building Code of India and other BIS standards. If not then a structure is unsafe whether it standing for 20 or 50 years or more. BIS codes do gets revised time to time. At any moment of time a structure has to pass the test of latest code. It means if a structure was safe prior to the revision of code it may become unsafe after the revision. It seems funny but this is the fact. If this can happen with structures which have been designed and constructed according to the provisions of NBC under strict quality control then what to talk about majority of un-engineered structures.


Many structures don’t need an engineer to certify that structures are unsafe because their condition is so pathetic that any sensible person can make out that it is unsafe. But most other structures will need an experienced engineer for technical audit. There are systems & procedures to do it. Even it many cases structures can be repaired,rehabilitated  or retrofitted. There are several cases where it is advisable to rebuild the structures. But it is not that easy to implement.The problem is very complex in nature. It involves identification of unsafe structures , ,making people aware about it, persuading (or forcing ) them to get it strengthened, getting trained persons to do it, necessary bye-laws & govt notifications.

In my view it should be declared a national problem and must be tackled in that spirit only. Unsafe structures may be more dangerous than a terror attack. Even a single mishap kills several hundred people.  We have already witnessed Gujarat earthquake. We need a clear government policy and strong will on the part of government. But I wonder , After all these efforts can we say our structures are safe forever. Just a random thought.



Randomness & Symmetry in Nature

 Often we think every thing in nature is random. Trees plants,flowers, fruits .. weather ….every thing . Some time we feel humid and on the same day we may also have a  pleasant weather or even rain… Every plant or tree have different shape & height . If you think of time .. you never know what is going to happen very next moment. Sometime time flies like anything and sometime it looks as if it has freezed. Is it just a sate of mind which feels so or there is more to it. Has Einstein been able to correlate it correctly in this famous theory of relativity ?  I have doubts.  7.00 AM ( or any other time) as per clock looks different on different days may be due to weather (cloudy/sunny..) , due to our daily schedule( office day/off day ..) ,due to state of mind ( happy/sad…) or due to any reason or due to combination of reasons or …  does it have any other dimension. It looks random ,uncertain and beyond any rational justification at times.

For some of the activities we have scientific explanation but still we do not have any control over them. But are natural things truly random? We may find similarity , pattern & symmetry in them. We must be curious enough to be able to identify it.   Just a random thought.