Life is like long run

Few years (5 to be precise) ago I never imagined that I will start doing regular brisk walk @ 5 km in 45 minutes or so and then gradually one day will start running on regular basis. Now participating in organized run like Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on 15th December 2013 seems like a sweet dream. In Oct’13 I decided to run Half Marathon 21 Km. before D-day I had completed 14 km in 1 hr 50 minutes. Practicing for long runs in City like NOIDA or Delhi is not that easy. Roads are unsafe as well as there is  lot of pollution and noise. Running early in the morning say at around 5 AM makes it further difficult. I ran sometime on roads but mostly in the park in front of my house. I registered myself for half marathon on the last day of registration almost at the last hour. I somehow wanted to complete it in the stipulated time of 3 hr. I don’t know what happened on the 15th December morning I simply managed to complete the run in 2 hr 26 minutes and 41 second. My overall rank & rank in my age group is also very encouraging. I completed first five km @10.2 km/hr and overall speed was 8.6km/hr.  Running with thousand of people from all walk of life and further completing it with reasonably good timing  was a great feeling.

In my view long running is just like life. Just keep going with determination and courage. There is no need to hurry either in long race or in life. Every small step will take you to your destination. Further enjoy every step. Often during running I get time to think about my daily routine, complex issues which I am facing in professional life and sometime I get brilliant solutions to them.  After completing the race (I am not mentioning my age) I thought next time I will try with much better aim. I hope to live life-like a long run. Just a Random thought.Image

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