Willing to do something and doing it are two different things but are inter-related.One can not happen without other.Willingness is important to do something.But just willingness is not sufficient. Perhaps doing is more important then willingness to do.I often wants to blog but my postings are proof of my inaction.I often wonder what could be the reasons? Perhaps many.

 Many times we want to do work perfectly. This perfection too leads to inaction or delays.I think it is true in my case.What is perfection? Perfect way of doing a work !  Is it really so?  OK then what is perfect way of doing a job? Is there a universal solution? I am sure somebody else might do the same job better then me and in a better manner.It means perfection is also  relative . It is not absolute. Should we not do the work in the best possible manner with the available resources & constraints without waiting to achieve perfection? Will it not avoid delays? Swift thoughtful action is more important then perfection although willingness to do is  prerequisite for any action. Just a random thought.


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