Randomness & Symmetry in Nature

 Often we think every thing in nature is random. Trees plants,flowers, fruits .. weather ….every thing . Some time we feel humid and on the same day we may also have a  pleasant weather or even rain… Every plant or tree have different shape & height . If you think of time .. you never know what is going to happen very next moment. Sometime time flies like anything and sometime it looks as if it has freezed. Is it just a sate of mind which feels so or there is more to it. Has Einstein been able to correlate it correctly in this famous theory of relativity ?  I have doubts.  7.00 AM ( or any other time) as per clock looks different on different days may be due to weather (cloudy/sunny..) , due to our daily schedule( office day/off day ..) ,due to state of mind ( happy/sad…) or due to any reason or due to combination of reasons or …  does it have any other dimension. It looks random ,uncertain and beyond any rational justification at times.

For some of the activities we have scientific explanation but still we do not have any control over them. But are natural things truly random? We may find similarity , pattern & symmetry in them. We must be curious enough to be able to identify it.   Just a random thought.

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